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Akron, OH 44305
(330) 671-4847
What Peg can do for you
Custom Slipcovers - Peggy Jeffries custom fits each slipcover to the actual piece of furniture. Each piece of furniture then becomes it's own pattern. She does this by making an appointment with you to come to your home to work with your furniture. She will cut and pin the fabric (right  in your home), then return to her shop to sew the cover. She will only need an hour or so of your time. When the slipcover is finished she will return and install the cover while showing you how to do it yourself in the future!

Peg's slipcovers fit so well - the piece looks like it has been re-upholstered. Peg can make the baggy slipcovers, if that is what you must have, but she prefers to make fitted slipcovers.

Because this is a hands on experience - Peggy mainly works in the Greater Akron - Cleveland area. She will also travel to the Columbus - Zanesville area as well.

Custom Accessories - Check out Peg's Accessories page for the many different items Peg can make to go with your new slipcovers or maybe accessories are all you need right now.
Teach - Over the years many people have asked Peggy to teach them the art of making a custom fitted slipcover. Because the demand was so great Peg created You Can: Slipcover a Chair. This video is the first in You Can: series. 

If you want to save tons of money and you can sew just a little bit - check out the hottest "how to" slipcover video on the market!
What Peg cannot  do for you
  • Peg does not make slipcovers for recliners or sofa recliners. For more information on this topic see Slipcovers.
  • Peg does not make slipcovers from old slipcovers. 99.9% of the time the old slipcover has been shrunk, stretched out of shape, or didn't fit right to begin with. To make a new cover from an old cover is simply asking for trouble and a ill-fitting slipcover.
  • Peg does not make plastic slipcovers. For more information on this topic see Slipcovers.
  • Peg lives in the State of she cannot make a custom slipcover for you if you live in California. UNLESS -You and 5 or more of your closest friends and family members, need quality custom slipcovers made, Peg will consider flying to you. She would cut and pin all the covers, fly home, sew the covers, and ship them to you. For obvious reasons the trip has to be worth traveling I am sure you understand!

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