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Today's slipcovers are not your grandmothers. Today's slipcovers make a decorating statement.
You have many options when
creating a custom slipcover.

Here are a few:

  • Wide variety of fabrics to chose from.
  • You can use solids and prints on the same piece of furniture.
  • Or mix and match solid and prints on separate pieces
  • Have slipcovers made for the holidays - there are many holiday prints to chose from - Check out your local fabric store or one of our sponsors listed on this site for Christmas prints or for any other holiday event.
  • You can use coordinating cording on your piece.
  • Do you have a old quilt or chenille bedspread you would like to use?
  • Get creative. The possibilities are endless!!

Why should you have a slipcover made?

  • Hide worn out, faded, or dirty fabric.
  • Protect furniture from children and pets.
  • Slipcovers can be cleaned!!
  • More affordable than re-upholstery.
  • You can change the look of your room as often as you want. Some people have Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter slipcovers made.
  • Keep up with the latest decorating trend without spending a fortune.

What kind of furniture can be slipcovered?

  • Almost any sofa, loveseat, or chair. With attached backs or loose back.
  • Parson Chairs - one of my favorites!
  • Stools, folding chairs, outdoor furniture coverings.
  • If you have a question about your piece - call or e-mail me.
Recliners and sofa-recliners cannot be slipcovered properly. A special process is involved when slipcovering recliners - while it can be done, they do not look nice nor fit well - in my opinion -  so I choose not to do them. I will slipcover a recliner or sofa-recliner only if you do not want the piece to function as a recliner. If you would like more information e-mail me or call.
FYI - Plastic slipcovers are terrible for your furniture. You think you are protecting your fabric, but this is not true. The plastic actually prevents the fabric from breathing - this causes the fabric to become brittle - basically causing dry rot. So opt for a beautiful fitted slipcover - that you can have dry cleaned AND that will help protect the fabric and furniture underneath.

What I do

This is how I get a perfect fit; I come to your home and cut and pin the slipcover to your piece of furniture. Then I take the fabric with me and sew it in my shop. In a week or two I come back with your slipcover and install it onto your piece of furniture. It's that easy.

I do not make slipcovers from measurements. The reason is that it is difficult at best to get the desired fit. I tend to be very picky about how my slipcovers fit so I only make them from the actual piece of furniture as my guide.


I do not offer online pricing for slipcovers. This is because each slipcover is different and when I give you a labor cost I want it to be call me and I will be happy to discuss your unique piece of furniture and give you a labor cost.


I do not sell fabric.
You can purchase fabric at any local fabric store or from many online stores. I would recommend visiting a local store, that way you are sure of the exact color and quality of the fabric.

You can visit my Fabric Calculator or give me a call or send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help you determine how much fabric you need.

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