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Sewing Supplies 

Tape Measure and Yardstick For measuring proper cutting lengths.

Scissors Make sure to use good, sharp fabric scissors.

Straight Pins Use the large, commercial pins.

Zippers - you can buy zipper by the yard at most fabric stores or upholstery supply companies. It is important to measure carefully and purchase enough zipper. Be sure to purchase zipper heads.

Sewing Needles have plenty on hand. Size 16 is usually recommended.

Seam Ripper Good idea to have on hand.

Iron Iron your seams to make them lie flat, resulting in a better fit.

Thread Use slightly heavier thread than you would use for clothing.

Sewing Machine A commercial sewing machine is not necessary. But you will need to be careful how thick your fabric is.  Read more about fabric requirements below.


The best fabrics for slipcovers are polished cotton, ticking, lightweight canvas, linen, denim, or any light to medium weight cotton fabric. 
You should avoid: heavy fabrics, velvets, and ANY fabrics with a rubbery back.

The fabric should be woven tightly or it will unravel.

Most fabric manufactures recommend dry-cleaning your fabric. It is NOT recommended that you wash your slipcover after it is made. You should take it to the dry cleaners. Although you can take your slipcover off and toss it in the dryer on tumble only-NO HEAT- to freshen it up between dry-cleanings. I will occasionally hang my covers outside on the clothesline, in the summer sun, to freshen them up as well.

If this is your first slipcover – start with a simple, plain fabric or a overall pattern that does not require a match.

If you are more experienced and wish to use a fabric that requires matching the pattern, be sure to purchase a couple of extra yards of fabric.

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